Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GUESS window display

This particular Guess is located on the Plaza.  This window display was focused more on their denim. The denim that Guess sells is known for being premium. The way the store front is set up makes a consumer want to shop.

Hemline jeans

Hemline is located on the Plaza.  The jeans that are being featured here are Miss Me.  This brand of jeans is really popular for the young girl that wants to stand out in the crowd.  They come in different washes and cuts.  The pocket details are very intricate. Their popularity is continuing to increase.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uptown Boutique

Uptown Boutique is located in Independence, MO. They specialize in creating a balance between classic chic pieces mixed with new fresh items as well. They also carry some really great brands such as: Joe's Jeans, Free People, and Eight Sixty just to name a few. With carrying all of these higher priced brands come higher prices in the merchandise, but don't worry they have sale items as well that can be marked down to about 50% off. Even though the prices are high, I'm excited to go and check it out for myself.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Podium Princess

Name: Carolyn
Age: 21
This girl is not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion.  She plays volleyball, and likes to hang out with her girlfriends. She loves making a statement. She likes to dress classy and sexy. Her fav store to shop at is Guess.
Kailey 20, Sam 19
     These ladies are students at Northwest Missouri State.They love to party and have a good time.  They love to dress in a variety of prints.  They love shopping at Maurices and Wet Seal.

Fast Food Fashion

Name: Alayna
Age: 18
   This young lady is a recent high school grad.  She likes to come up with her own looks but gets some of her inspiration from Lauren Conrad from the hit series, "The Hills".  She likes to go dancing with her friends. She also loves spending time with her boyfriend. When asked where she likes to shop, she said, " anywhere and every that has good deals".

Honda Style

Name: Anthony
Age: 19
     Anthony is a dancer.  He gets his inspiration from Chris Brown.  He likes to shop at Express and K&G Fashion.  In his free time he likes to sleep and eat fruity pebbles.

Parking lot style

Sabrina and Lauren
Ages: 19 and 21
These ladies love to wear skinny jeans.  They dont have a favorite store to shop at, but they love getting good sales.They love to party and hang out with friends.
Taylor and Cydney
Ages:18 and 19
   These girls were spotted right outside their apartment.  They are very stylish and get inspired by what's new and hott.  They love to shop at Forever 21.  They also love wearing heels.
Name: Alaina
Age: 18
     Alaina is a student at Longview Community College.  She is a nanny.  She enjoys spending quality time with her family, and hanging out with friends. She loves to bargain shop. She likes dressing classy and  vintage.  Her favorite stores to shop at are Francescas, Marshalls, and Kohls.

Downtown Diva's

Nay Nay-21
Jamille- 22
All three ladies were spotted fashionably hitting up the clubs in the Power and Light district. They all agree that their favorite pastime is shopping, hanging out with each other, and going to the bars on weekend nights. Their fav places to shop at are Forever21, Express and PLD 

Free Your Mind is for people who live "freely." It's a fashionable look to relaxed and comfortable clothing. The website almost creates a hippie-like as well as modern day image through their models and clothing. It's creative clothing for creative, and carefree people.

Swell Style was a website designed mostly for people who want a chilled and relaxed wardrobe. The clothing has a surfer and beachy looks to them, making Swell similar to stores like PacSun. They sell brands like Roxy and O'Neill and Billabong.

Nuance Boutique

Nuance Boutique is actually fairly new, it just open in September and specializes in selling boutique fashions, men's and women's denim, home decor, baby and children's clothing, and  jewelry and accessories. They are located right across the street from Olathe Northwest High School.

Nuance Boutique Website

Two Chic Blvd

Two Chic Blvd is located on Metcalf in Overland Park and in the Power and Light District. I just happened to come across them online. They offer women's clothing, shoes, and accessories. From the looks of their inventory shown online, I personally think many people can find something that catches their eye. The style of the store isn't your everyday boutique, many of the pieces they carry are different yet fun. I'm excited to go and check it out.

Bella B's Boutique

The atmosphere at Bella B's is an overall young, fun and girly feeling! You are surrounded by pink and numerous bright colors as you walk in. The quality of clothing is very nice, some of the brands they carry consist of: People's Liberation, Cheeky Brand, J & Company, Sky, Betsey Johnson, Joystick Dreamland, Hanky Panky, William Rast, Seven, Miss Me, Tarina Tarantino, Blue Denim, Antik Denim and Hudson Jeans just to name a few. One neat service that they offer is a closet consultation, which includes one of their skilled staff members coming into your home and going through your closet to see what is still considered current and also how to update your wardrobe with pieces you already have. Bella B's Boutique is located on 117th and Nall and also in Lee's Summit, MO.

Amelia's Boutique

This is Amelia's Boutique, they actually have 3 locations, the one I went to was on 119th in the Avignon shopping center close to Small Cakes and Spin! Pizza. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a friendly hello and told about their sales they were having. I loved how they had everything color coordinated to a certain degree. They had a variety of jackets, blazers, tanks, tees and dresses. Most of the items were dressier, but there were some casual pieces thrown into the mix. They also carry many different handbags, jewelry and random accessories here and there. I thought alot of their things were reasonably priced as well. I will definitely be shopping here again. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Name: John
    John is a student at Longview Community College.  He works at Subway.  His everyday street style consist of jeans, hoodies, and comfortable shoes.  When asked what inspires his everyday look, he said, "whatever is clean, and seems to match".
Name: Trygve
Age: 21
   Trygve owns his own construction company.  He has modeled for Express, and designed some of his own clothes.  He has recently decided to join the marines.  His one stop shop for fashion is American Eagle.  He loves to stay on top of what new and cool to wear. 
Name: Gabrielle
Age: 19
     Gabrielle is a student at UMKC.  She is studying to be a doctor.  She loves doing things out of the ordinary.  She loves dressing different and starting her own trends.  She loves to wear chuck taylors and baseball tees.  When asked how to describe her style, she said "the weirder the better, but still cute". 
Name: Janay
    Janay is a hair stylist.  She enjoys shopping,scrapbooking, and she also likes to draw.  Her favorite store to shop at is White House Black Market.  She also likes Old Navy and New York and Company. She described her style as sophisticated but still fun at the same time.  She also mentioned that she LOVES shoes.
Name: Kourtney
     Kourtney is a student at UMKC. She is studying to be nurse. She enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends.  She described her everyday style as being classy, fun, and laid back.

Name: Bethany
     Bethany is a student at Johnson County Community College.  She works at Victorias Secret.  When asked about what inspires her every day look, she said "whatever is cute and comfortable to wear".  She likes to shop at Francescas and American Eagle.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Forever Fashionable

Chelsea, 21
Chelsea was spotted at Forever 21,
 which falls under the category of favorite stores, along with Urban Outfitters. 
She has a bit of a rebellious looks with her black boots, and pulled back dreads. 

Natalie, 18
Natalie enjoys spending time with all of her friends
 and shopping at her favorite stores, Forever 21 and Ralph Lauren

AI Student Life

Michael, 18
Student at AI, Majoring in Film
Interests: Skateboarding, making short films
Michael has a comfortable, skaters looks. He finds some of his clothing at thrift stores, and enjoys shopping at Express Men, and different skate shops.
Michael, 18
Student at AI, Majoring in Film
His interests include shopping for the latest trends and hanging out with friends
Favorite Stores: Journey's, H&M, Hot Topic

Out and About- Legend Fashions

Ian, 22
Ian's look has a touch of punk to it, with his gray Converse lace-ups and red studded arm band.
He enjoy's shopping at places like Hot Topic, PacSun and Rue 21.

Tj, 21 and Ling, 25
Both of Lenexa
This couple enjoys spending quality time together, which includes shopping together. Some of their favorite stores to shop at are PacSun, DC, Forever 21 and Converse.

Sarah, 21
Student at KU
Sarah has more of a classy look to her. She enjoys shopping at Gap and Macy's